Rabu, 19 November 2014

Being a Good Teacher as The Leader of The Classroom

Percakapan yang menarik dengan siswa SMA saat ujian PPL beberapa waktu yang lalu,
Saya: kalian suka diajar oleh guru yang seperti apa?
Siswa: guru yang mengajarnya enak, yang bisa "menjelajahi" muridnya, seperti bu Yulia (guru kimia di SMA tersebut) dan guru PPL (mahasiswa yang sedang praktek mengajar)
Saya: seperti apa itu?
Siswa:  guru yang bisa menyesuaikan diri dengan muridnya, paham sifat dan cara muridnya belajar.

Percakapan di atas menjadi inspirasi untuk tulisan sederhana yang saya rangkum dari berbagai sumber sebagai bahan renungan bagi para guru dan calon guru.

Nowhere does the quality of a school system exceed the quality of its teachers. Teachers are the leader of the classroom. There are many characteristics to be a good educational leader, and the following are seven of the most important.
1.       Self-aware
A good educational leader needs a solid understanding of oneself and should also have self confidence. Teachers with self confidence are not scared or nervous about the decisions they are making, and they are not afraid of what other people think of them. They should know how to start each day and lead their classroom and their students in the right direction and help to accomplish the goals of the learning.
2.       Excellent communication
The best educational leaders are excellent communicators. The best leaders know how to reach a variety of people in many different ways. For instance, a teacher might have one-on-one chats with students each week and also send out a daily e-mail update. This way, the teacher takes the time to communicate in-person but also makes communication convenient by e-mailing the students as well.
3.       Resourceful
Educational leaders are resourceful and open to new ideas that might improve their classroom.  They also need to know how to use the resources they have to the best of their ability. A good leader does not get set in his or her own way, but takes the information from the past and applies it to the resources of the future.
4.       Lead by example
The best leaders in the educational system make it a point to lead by example, and not simply by words. It is easy to spell out rules and dictate them from an ivory tower. If a teacher wants students to show one another respect, then the teacher must show them what being respectful is all about. This method is effective and powerful, and helps to teach students an important life lesson as well.
5.       Good commitment
To reach the goals of learning, teacher must feel a real sense of purpose and progress. Teacher can’t afford to be moderate about its transformational commitment. The teacher must define who they are, because it will transforms students in the classroom. The values that espouse must be real, because the condition of the classroom demands teacher's attention.
6.       Tell the truth
Truth plays a vital role in leadership. Students expect teacher to tell the truth. They expect that teacher will uphold the truth so that they personally can follow safely. If a teacher is obviously not truthful then student will have difficulty trusting their actions and reactions to situations.
7.       Power of teaching and learning
Above all, educational leaders must have a belief in the system and the students they are teaching. If a teacher does not believe the students can do it, or does not feel the teachers are adequate, then everyone is doomed to failure. Student will not be motivated to make the change if the teacher does not believe the change can happen.

There are many different characteristics and traits of a good leader, but these ensure that anyone who can embody these traits can make a good leader in the school system. These traits can be applied in a variety of different circumstances. Teachers must strive to be the best leaders of their classrooms and teach students how to become the leaders of tomorrow. MP

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  1. About lead by example, sometime i feel the other way around, Students give example to me. Such as, spirit that they have. What an interesting in being a teacher

  2. A good write up. Passion and patience to groom people or young kids are keys to becoming a good and respected class room leader. Tech skills are (just) foundational.